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Welcome to Kuntzel+Deygas' production company


« We founded Add Dog in 1997 to be a tool for us. It is a production and a post-production company settled in Paris that hosts and takes care of our different projects, commissioned ones, or the experimental works we self produce.
Add A Dog’s mission is to give us freedom to stay focus on our creations, all made independently from A to Z, thanks to the taylor-made organization we’ve built around us.
The main atelier groups drawing tables, ink and pencils, library, as well as a fully equiped digital studio for the video and animation. It is completed by a near by photo shooting studio.
For each project, we create a team composed of specific free-lance talents that work closely with us. Creative work  puts you in a state of fragility, that is why we all appreciate the sincere implication and confidence of the team.
Working in such a system can be called anti-nomadic, but finally great travels have been made into these walls. »





Add a dog is an invitation to the unexpected

Main atelier : 96, rue du poteau 75018 Paris
Sur Rendez-Vous / By Appointment Only


And thank you Violette Chatiliez for the graphic design of the website